Friday, February 1, 2013

Over a Year

So, it's been a year.  Over a year, actually, since my last blog post.  It just hasn't been at the top of my list.  There were so many more important things on that list, and I was too busy living them to even attempt to take the time to document them.  So, here's a summary of the last year:

January - I don't remember!  Ha!  How's that for a summary?  I remember it was COLD, but we didn't have any snow.  I don't have one single picture of my kids playing in the snow.  Booo!!!  If it's going to be cold, we should have snow.  I do remember taking my son to a couple of wrestling tournaments.  It was kind of a rough season.  He was one of the smallest in his weight class, and his Dad couldn't be there for some of them.  That was rough, on both of us.

February - LOVE!  February is always the month that some very special ladies and I get together to go to Maple Memories in McPherson, KS. Some of us scrapbook, some of us quilt, some of us craft - but we all EAT, RELAX, LAUGH and ENJOY!  My daughter also performed in Jr. Dance at a basketball game with some of her little friends.  It was super cute!

March - I don't remember anything in particular about the month of March, except that my real estate career seemed to start to take off that month.  I had showings scheduled nearly every day of the week.  It was exciting, but also a bit exhausting considering I was only doing it "part time" while still working full time at the shop.

April - We were blessed with a new nephew on April Fool's Day!!  Mason James is the cutest little guy, and growing SO very fast!  I'm pretty sure we went mushroom hunting in April this year as well - earlier than the year before.

May - May is always an amazing month, and this past year was no exception.  My son celebrated his 1st Communion and narrated a lovely Mother's Day Tea at school, my daughter graduated preschool and performed in an adorable Alice in Wonderland dance program, I organized the 2nd Annual Spring Fling Craft Bazaar - which grew 5 times larger than the previous year, and of course it was Miss Keely Marie's 5th birthday!!

June - James and I celebrated 11 years of marriage, and by celebrate I mean we spent every.single.night. at the ball fields.  ;)  It was a HOT month of baseball and t-ball, but I wouldn't trade it.  Braxton also enjoyed another season of his favorite sport, golf.

July - Again, one of my favorite months of the year.  We always love going to Aunt Jeanie's 4th of July celebration, then we have my birthday, Braxton's Birthday, the County Fair, and this year we had something extra special - a Little Girls' Weekend at Grandma Jolene's!! It was a BLAST!

August - My baby started Kindergarten (tear), and Braxton started 3rd grade.  Oh, how the time flies.  It was also a busy real estate month as I had several closings that seemed to be happening all at once.  I learned a lot from them and the different challenges they presented. 

September - The return of the "Soccer Mom."  Literally, I coached Braxton's soccer team again b/c no one else volunteered...and he begged me too...and he LOVES it (second only to Golf) so how could I say no?!  Big thanks to Jami for helping out!! 

October - James' birthday, our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the shop (what?!!) and a totally awesome, girls weren't allowed (except Grandma) BOYS Weekend at Grandad's house.  They had such a good time, and I think it was just as good for the "big" boys as it was for the little ones! 

And of course Halloween.  I remember being in a growly mood about Halloween this past year.  I boy-cotted the pricey store costumes and gave my kids a strict accessory budget - and we made our own.  We got lots of compliments and they looked great - so it was a pretty good lesson for us all.

November - My favorite holiday - Thanksgiving!!  It was also an exciting month for me as the jewelry that I make started being sold in a local pharmacy's beautiful gift department!  AND - check this out - I learned to SEW!!!  Ha!  Don't get too excited, I can only make Infinity Scarves, but it's a start!  That's what motivated me to learn....because I wanted to make those scarves!!  And I made a lot, for lots of people.  It was fun!

December - Feeling especially grateful for the birth of Jesus this month as we are so very Blessed.  Some highlights (besides the obvious joys of Christmas) were a "snow party" indoors with packing peanuts, lots of visits with family and friends, we made homemade-from-scratch sugar cookies for the first time, my jewelry had an amazing month at the store, and the kids had sleep-overs for New Year's eve!

So, as it turns out, writing this "year in review" was actually really good for me.  Up until this point, I had considered 2012 to be less than great....but did you read all that??!!  Even if I tried to jot down the few things that I pouted about this past year - it would not even add up to half of all that awesomeness.

2013 is starting off pretty darn incredible.  So far, we've had an amazing New Year's Day full of sledding with friends, Braxton started playing basketball for the first time ever and LOVES it, Keely is starting to read and write (what??!!!!), and I've already had one house close and 3 more under contract - all within this first month of the new year.  BAM!

And...I'm still creating and dealing with life stuff and mom stuff and busy and all that other stuff.  More on all that some other time. 

Thanks for reading,