Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painting with Vinyl

You know when you get an idea in your head of what you want to make....but you're never really sure if you can make it come to life - or have it turn out like what you're picturing??  I've had my fair share of "fails" on craft projects...but I just LOVE when something turns out JUST like I had imagined!!

I've known that I wanted to make this little project for my Mom (Mary Rogers) for a while...I just wasn't sure how it would all come together.  I knew I wanted a warm-fuzzy-lovey Grandma quote (because she's an AWESOME Grandma), and I knew the materials I wanted to work with:  a piece of wood, my cricut machine, adhesive-backed vinyl, and spary paint!  Sound crazy???'s how it turned out...

(Sorry for such a dark indoor picture) wanna know how I did it??!!!  It took me a little while - but I finally got the design all layed out in my "Sure Cuts A Lot" software that I use with my Cricut machine.  But then - I had to call my brother in a panic because I did NOT have the right size of wood that I needed to make it work!!!  Thankfully, he came over with an old shelf....that's right....I think it's from a bookcase or something??  Anyway, it worked PERFECTLY.  I cut out the design with my Cricut on sticky vinyl, and peeled away the unused sections.  Then I applied the transfer paper on the front, peeled off the back, and applied it to the wood.  The quote was in olive green vinyl and the bird designs were in brown.  My husband didn't know what I was doing....and he said "those colors don't look so good together..."  Oh, just wait and see...LOL  Next I spray painted over the WHOLE thing with my favorite Heirloom White from Rustoleum (available at Town & Country in Concordia....or I also love stocking up at Menards whenever I'm in Salina).

Can't even see the vinyl can you?!!

After two coats of spray paint, I brought it back in from my cold garage and began the process of gently peeling off the vinyl to expose the natural wood.  I LOVE how nicely it peeled bleeding paint, no touch-ups, just AWESOME. 

I also LOVE how the wood grain shows through, and makes a beautiful "stenciled" design.

Here's the "Grandma" Bird

There are currently four Grandchildren on my Mom's side....with one baby boy on the way (YAY for my brother and his wife!!)  I was SO in love with the 5 little birdies on the "string" that was on one of my Cricut cartridges...

And here is the proud Grandma with her Christmas present from her Grandkids:

It's kind of hard to see all the words...the quote says:
"Grandmas are like a piece of string,
handy to have around, and easily wrapped
around the fingers of their Grandchildren"

It describes her I said, she's an AWESOME Grandma.  :)

...even when not all of her Grandkids want their picture taken ;)

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