Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Is that a word?  "Re-commitment" - if so, did I even spell it right?  Oh, where do I even begin.  It's been a while.  I don't even remember the date of my last blog - that's how long it's been.  I remember there being some drama, and then I made a cute necklace holder!  :) 

Ok, back to "Re-commitment."  What I mean by that is.....we've been so stinking busy that I feel like I've let what is most important fall through the cracks.  That makes me sad....and angry (mostly at myself).  The majority of our busy-ness lately has been (in no particular order):  School starting, Soccer practice/games, Gymnastics, Religion Class, New Real Estate Career, Managing an automotive repair center, Training a new staff member, volunteering with BBBS, volunteering with CCCC.....oh, and then there's the whole wife/mom/cook/clean stuff...

I've noticed that the spelling test grades haven't been as good this year....and there have been several math and reading worksheets that seem to always have "-2, please finish."  What is with this trend?  Last year I enforced additional spelling quizes, reading folders, and flash-cards almost every night of the week.  This year - we haven't even been home most nights of the week.  The after-school program still does the spelling/reading/math.....  It's not enough.  My kids need their parents.  They need us to make them practice at home - not just for the practice - but so they know we CARE.  I "tell" them all the time.  I express my disappointment when the homework isn't done well.  I express my excitement when I see the papers with all the "stars."  Actions speak louder than words. 

Soccer is over.  I helped coach this year.  I know nothing about soccer, but I love working with kids.  I was glad I helped - but I'm also glad it's over.  Other activities and commitments are winding down as well.  We're down to only a couple nights a week away from home...and usually for only an hour or two.  I'm also glad it's getting darker earlier.  I feel like things are slowing down (sort of), and we can work more on being a family. 

I envision better morning and evening routines (look, I even made charts!)


The only activity we have planned for this weekend is a family birthday the rest of the time we plan to spend together, with friends, crafting, painting pumpkins, decorating for halloween, stuffing leaves into giant pumpkin trash bags.....I love Fall.
Pumpkin Patch near El Dorado, KS:
 Mummy T-light Holders:
 2x4 Pumpkins:

So - here's to shorter days out and about, and longer evenings at home with family.  They are my one true commitment.
God's Gift to me:
 Soccer Stud:
 Little Miss Sassypants: