Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Did July Go?

I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  I haven't been able to shut my mind off.  I lie in bed and my head just thinks and thinks and thinks....about our shop, about our children, about my projects, about my new venture (details of said venture to come soon)....I can't turn the thoughts OFF.  There have been some wonderful things happening this last 4-6 weeks, and also a couple things that have been bothering me.  It really does help me to "write them down" to help get them off my mind.  That's when I realized I hadn't done a blog post in over a I'm hoping this will help!  :)

I turned 30 last month!  I've never really been concerned about it.  I'm very blessed with my family, husband, children, friends, home, business, etc...  In fact, I'm probably happier and feel more accomplished now than I ever have been.  So 30 is pretty darn good.  While I'm not so much concerned with numbers....I don't necessarily love those little lines that seem to be showing up around my eyes.  Thankfully, Mary Kay makes some stuff to help with that.  Did I mention I started selling Mary Kay back in April?  I met an amazing consultant at the Spring Fling Craft Bazaar that I hosted.  I had a party because I'd been wanting to take better care of my skin instead of using a mis-matched variety of "stuff."  There was a lot of stuff I wanted, and it was a lot cheaper for me to just become a consultant than buy it all outright.  So, now I order whenever I need to and keep a little bit on hand of the products I know my friends and family use.

Braxton turned 7 last month!  :)  That kid is growing so fast.  He's so fun, energetic, athletic, creative, and full of personality.  He loves skateboarding, playing with friends, singing/dancing to rap music, and playing golf.  His favorite food is steak - and he can eat more of it than me.  His favorite color is red, followed closely by orange (Tony Stewart's current and former race car colors).  He played baseball this summer, and plans to play Soccer instead of flag football this fall, and wrestling this winter.

Keely has had a great summer.  She did great with swimming lessons, and also LOVED gymnastics.  She'll be starting at a new preschool a week from tomorrow, and she's SO excited.  She's also planning to do gymnastics throughout the school year.  She's such the little "mini me" sometimes....and I love it.  She has also become more of a daddy's girl lately - which is great.  She wants to ride with Daddy on the mower, and go with him if he's just running some errands here in town.  He has a hard time telling her no when she wants to go ...which is so cute. 

So, on to more stuff with me.  We've been busy at the shop - which is great.  But with all businesses there are some struggles.  I think communication is sometimes one of our struggles.  James and I have been talking a lot about that lately, and trying to work towards some solutions.  We're grateful for the team we have at our shop, and look forward to making some improvements to better serve our growing customer base.'s the thing that's been bothering me the most.  James found out a couple days ago that someone had made the comment that James and I were liers and couldn't be trusted.  This person made the comment to someone that is actually a good friend of James'.  I don't know if that person didn't realize that - but nonetheless, it was said.  Thankfully, our friend corrected the person about the accusation - and even the example that the person had given.  It still hurt though, really bad.  It has weighed heavily on my heart the last few days. 

I can not recall a time in my life when I've ever been called a lier (except maybe by my brother when we were little??).  James and I are both very honest people.  We've actually been complimented on that trait multiple times in our automotive business.  For example, if someone comes in to have their car aligned, and we discover that an alignment will not fix their problem - we tell them, and don't align their car - or charge them for it.  I'm not going to go so far to say that a little white lie has never left my lips.  I don't like hurting people's feelings - so I'll smile and tell you I like your haircut or your shirt - even if I don't particularly care for it - I confess (except with my Mom, we're pretty blunt with each

As a business owner, it's not exactly a good thing to have someone in your community making accusations against you - however false they may be.  I've been worried about it, but I've prayed for peace and forgiveness not only for those who may be upset with us in some way - but also for strength so that we may forgive those who have hurt us. 

I often times go out of my way to be nice, caring, thoughtful, and appreciative towards others.  That's actually one of the reasons I love facebook.  I'm not always good at initiating face-to-face contact - but I LOVE being able to slip someone a quick message.  Whether it be a "Happy Birthday" or "I hope you feel better soon" - it's a great way to show someone you're thinking about them, and that you care.  I'll keep doing that - even to those who have hurt me.  I'm not good at confrontations....but I also will only take so much.  So, I'll pray some more that this too shall pass - and if not, I'll take that next step and have those conversations that no one really likes to have.

James and I aren't perfect.  We've made mistakes, and as humans we will continue to make them.  I believe you are not defined by the mistakes you make, but by how you correct them.  We treat people with the utmost respect.  We are honest, hard-working, and caring people.....and I'm thankful that our family and close friends know that about us, and are willing to help correct any misunderstandings that others may have about that.

As a final note - and I've said this to MANY people - if you have a question or concern about me, my husband, or our life....Just ASK!  I'm very open and honest about pretty much everything.  Living in a small town - I know there will always be rumors (do you remember some of them from when we bought our business??!!).  It's okay.  I know my family and close friends know the truth.  For anyone who doesn't - again, just ask and I'll tell you.

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  1. Becky, I am so sorry to hear about that. In the little time I have known you, I feel that I can trust you. You have been nothing but kind and caring. I hope that this person realizes the mistake they have made in making these false accusations and anyone who knows you knows better. Don't let anyone bring you down, you are an amazing person!!