Thursday, June 30, 2011

I sewed something!?!

Can you believe it??!!  I actually sewed an article of clothing.  I still can't believe it.  NO pattern, NO help, completely from scratch.  I had saved one red and one blue bandana from a charity event because I knew I wanted to make something out of them.  A few days ago - I pictured it.  I cute little skirt for Keely with pointy edges at the bottom.  But how??  How do I take these two bandanas and turn it into the picture that's in my head???

I decided I needed to cut the bandanas into fourths.  I didn't know what I was doing - I was just going to have to piece this thing together and hope for the best.  So, Keely and I laid it out on the floor to see if we could make it work.

I know a few tiny basics about sewing (thanks to my mom) - so I knew that I needed to sew "right sides" together, etc...  I went along and sewed the alternating colors together, and then folded over the top points and ironed them so that I could sew an opening to thread the elastic through (I did this part backwards - but it turned out cute with pointy details on the waistband).  Keely documented my progress...

I cut a piece of elastic to fit around Keely's waist, and then threaded it through my openings and sewed it together.  I had to make a few stitches here and there to make it all work out.....and had to re-thread my sewing machine SEVERAL times (WTH....that can't be normal).'s NOT perfect.....but someone very special to me LOVED it, and I was SO excited that it turned out just as I had pictured.

This is what she'll be wearing for the 4th of July party we're attending.  T-shirt from Wal-Mart, hairbows from Baby Mine.

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