Monday, June 6, 2011

10 Years!!??!!

This coming Thursday, June 9, 2011.....will be my 10 year Anniversary with my husband James Kindel!  Holy Cow!  Can you believe it's been 10 years?  Am I really that old??!!  NOPE, we got married pretty young. ;)  I know there are people out there who didn't think we would make it this far.  It's okay.  I know that we're in the minority....not all that many marriages make it this far.  But I'm sure glad we have!  :)  And I don't think there are very many people out there that questions whether we'll make it MANY more years together...

We WERE going to take a big fancy trip - but we're also in the middle of possibly selling our home and then buying/building something bigger.....SOOOOOO....we decided to pinch our pennies a bit and have a wonderful 3-day vaca in downtown Kansas City.  I was super cheap and booked a super cheap hotel because we wanted to spend money on doing stuff, and shopping, and eating REALLY good food.  The hotel (Ramada Inn) smelled bad, and wasn't very nice....thankfully the room was at least clean - but I'll never stay there again.

We took off Thursday evening, which meant we took A DAY OFF FROM THE SHOP - OMG!!!  We are SO incredibly Thankful and Grateful that we have AMAZING staff at our shop who are AWESOME and run things just as smoothly (probably smoother) when we're not there!  THANK YOU Jill, Judd & Randy!

We started our little trip with supper at a tiny little restaurant in Topeka with a friend from high school, his super-nice wife, and their adorable baby girl!  I don't remember what the restaurant was was tiny, tucked back in the woods....but the food was pretty good, and the conversation was even better.  We went to their house afterwards to chat.  The guys chatted about business, etc....while us girls chatted about blogs, and making stuff, and our Cricut machines, and being Mommy's!  It was GREAT!  Can you believe we stayed there until 12:30am??  Which means we didn't get to our hotel in downtown KC until 2am!  YAWN......

Friday morning we slept in, and then headed out to Legends for some shopping.  Yes, James and I actually shopped TOGETHER.  He lasted for over 2 hours.  I was quite impressed....LOL.  His back has been bothering him a LOT lately, so we headed off to find him somewhere to get a massage, and for me to get a mani/pedi.  We found the perfect little shopping plaza where we could get our services just a few doors down from each other - but we couldn't get in until we had an hour and a half to kill.  Can you even GUESS where James suggested we go???  NO - you can't, b/c I still can't believe it myself.  I don't think we've EVER been to one together.  It was a JEWELRY store!

Yep, we went to JARED!  And I got a new wedding ring for our 10-year Anniversary!!!!! 
OMG!!!!!  I still can't hardly believe it!  We're always so strict with our money and really only put it towards our home or our business, etc.....  When we got married, we used the ring that my Dad and Mom had used when they were married (the ones that got divorced - but don't worry, we weren't jinxed! LOL).  Then for our 1-year Anniversary, I got a new wedding set.  It was nice, fairly modest, and very inexpensive (again, we spend money on houses people....not jewelry).  I had mentioned to James a year ago that maybe we could look into getting a new ring for our 10th....because mine had been through a LOT.  I had popped the diamond off while pushing Braxton in the swing when he was little.  I somehow got it smashed on my finger, and then tried to get it off with vice-grips - which of course smashed it on WORSE.  I thought I had ruined the thing several times, but the jeweler was always able to pry it back into shape....but it was looking a little rough. 

When we went into the store, I really wasn't actually expecting to get a new ring.  We looked....I was super intimidated and nervous because of how nice and fancy and expensive everything was.  We hadn't even talked about a budget for if we DID happen to want to buy something.  I found a ring I liked, but it was probably at the very top of what I would have felt comfortable spending....and it didn't even include the diamond!!!  Yikes!  BUT....then we were able to find almost the same ring with lots of small diamonds instead of one big honker in the middle - and it was so ME!  It was the style I had been drooling over for a year, and it was 1/2 the price of the other one, and it included all the diamonds, and I wouldn't be too afraid to wear it! it is!

I was being really "tough" in the store, and wasn't getting emotional.  Then we paid for it and had it resized while James had his massage and I got my mani-pedi.  We went back to pick it up, and when we got back to the car I gave James a big kiss and hug....and couldn't stop a few little tears.  Geesh, I'm even welling up a bit just typing this.  We work SO hard, and we definitely get pretty stressed fairly often...with each other, with our business, with our children...etc.....  It was just really, really nice.  And I really, really love him.  :)

Okay...back to the rest of the trip:  Then we headed to the restaurant that he was most looking forward to eating at on our trip....LONGHORNS.  We got there early b/c we were planning to go to the 7pm Royals game that evening.  There was no wait (awesome), and the food was A-MA-ZING!  Seriously!!!!  We had the cheese-stuff mushrooms for the appetizer - they were to die for!  James had the ribeye (b/c James ALWAYS has the ribeye).  I had the shrimp and lobster topped filet.  I'm not usually much of a steak eater - but this was INCREDIBLE!  It was SO GOOD.  I got the sweet potato with cinnamon and butter for my side, which was also REALLY good.  Then we went to the Royals game because James had never been.  They lost, but we still had fun!  (That's were the above pic was taken)  :)  Since we had been up so late the night before, we went home after the game b/c we're OLD and we were TIRED, and we still had 2 days left of stuff to do!  :)

James made a tee time for Saturday morning to play golf, so we got up and I dropped him off at the course, and then took off to do a little more shopping.  The golf course was in a cute little Missouri town, and it was Saturday morning.  You know what that means, right??  Garage Sales!  I couldn't help it....they were right off the road I was driving on....and there were 2, back to back.  I HAD to stop!  I ended up getting a cute butterfly rhinestone iron-on that I think I'll put on a little bag for Keely, a package of black feathers that I might possibly make some jewelry out of, and a cute little "thing" that I'll be featuring as a project in a future post!  The total was supposed to be $2, which was awesome.  I brought it all up to the lady and she says, "I'll take $1 for everything."  I said oh no, it's fine, I'll pay $2, and she was like "no, $1 is fine."  Well, I've never heard of the seller negotiating a lower price for the buyer, but I wasn't gonna stand there and argue anymore - so SCORE for me!  :)

Then I headed a little farther away to try to find the bead stores that I'd looked up online to see if I could find any fabulous stuff for new jewelry.  Well, I drove through a CRAP LOAD of construction, only to find that the first store I'd plugged into my GPS was CLOSED, Out of Business.  :(  The second store was open, and had beatiful things.  It was a little pricey, so I only chose a few things that were just too gorgeous to pass up, and I can already envision what I'll make with them.  Then I went to Michaels for a few more crafty items.  As I was leaving, I realized I'd missed about 4 calls from James trying to let me know that I needed to head his way b/c he was almost done golfing.  OOpppss!  How exactly does ones phone turn to vibrate mode all on it's own?  Well, I figured out how to get it set back to ring while I drove BACK thru that Crap Load of construction. 

We ate a quick lunch at Arby's (their Turkey Bacon Wrap is really good!), and then it was back to the hotel for a NAP!  After that we hit the casino.  I'm not a big fan of gambling, but James likes it and he's usually pretty good/lucky/whatever.  He taught me how to play Black-Jack with a 3 something???  idk....I didn't much care for it.  He didn't fair so well either this time around.  I played a slot machine.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I put $5 in, got up to $15...couldn't decide if I should quit since I'd won or keep playing, got down to $12 and then cashed out.  That's right....high roller.  LOL 

After not having much luck at Harrah's, we went to the Cheesecake Factory!!!  YUMMY!  We had the calamari (James and I LOVE calamari), and we also had a shrimp tempura-type appetizer that was on special.  I had a peach bellini drink.  It was AWESOME....SO peachy and delicious!  Then I had a shrimp and angel hair pasta dinner, and James had a chop-steak of some sort.  It was all REALLY good.  We got  cheesecake, of course...but had to get it to-go....we were SO full.  James got a chocolate cake toasted coconut type of thing, and I had the classic with strawberry topping.  And then we could hardly lay down to go to sleep because we were SO full.  LOL

Sunday morning we were headed to the STP 400 Nascar races (thanks for the tickets O'Reilly's!).  IT.WAS.HOT.  Holy Cow, it was SO friggin Hot, and LOUD.  I've been to one Nascar race before, in North Carolina.  I seem to recall that I wasn't really thinking I would care to go again.....I should have remembered that.  I tried to be a trooper for my husband's sake (he loves it and goes every October).  I had to wear an ear plug to protect the ear I had surgery on, AND the head phones b/c it was still too loud.  I sprayed sunscreen on every 45 minutes (which worked really well, I was barely even pink!), and I drank lots of water....but was still MISERABLE.  I'm allergic to smoke, and there were smokers EVERYWHERE.  I was SO HOT.  The head phones were heavy on my head/neck....and then it started.....the migraine :(.  I took several breaks up above in the shade where it was cooler, and took my Advil Migraine medicine...but it wasn't cutting it.  James decided to leave early (thank you GOD) so we could beat the traffic.  I felt like I barely made it back to the car.  I took my other "rescue" migraine medicine and layed back in the seat.  I woke up when we got to Topeka and my migraine was gone (thank you GOD, again....and also thank you migraine "rescue" medicine...whatever it's called...?). 

We picked up our kiddos from my Mom in Junction City.  Thank you SOOOOO MUCH Grandma Mary for taking such WONDERFUL care of our kiddos so we could have such an awesome three-day anniversary trip!!!  :) We missed those kiddos....a lot.  :)  And now we're SO glad to be home.  We had lots of fun, AMAZING food, and an incredible time.  But we both decided that we couldn't live like that every day.  Between the food and activities....we'd be 300 pounds and broke!  :)  Here's to the next 10 years!  :)

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  1. Congrats Becky and James, hard to believe it's been 10 years!! The ring is BEAUTIFUL!
    We are so happy for you both. :) Brett & Bird