Monday, May 16, 2011

Round 2 = Foot Stool

Alrighty - time to tell you about Project #2 from my fabulous weekend!  As I mentioned Mom (Mary), and my kids and I went "thrifting" at one of the thrift stores in Marion, KS - and one in Hillsboro, KS.  We found several goodies.  I found some jewelry and pins that I'm excited to tear into and make into something WAY cuter.  Mom found a couple broches because she wants to try to make one of those awesome tie accessories that my friend Jen made on her "Jen Creates" facebook page.  Found a little bit of fabric, a jacket for a friend, some misc toys for the kiddos, Mom got a steamer for $1.50, talked Mom OUT of buying a sewing machine she didn't need from the 70s for $10....and then....the SCORE. 

As I was walking around...I noticed a little footstool sitting on the floor by an entertainment center.  I looked it over - and no price.  That's SO annoying to me.  So much so that I rarely even bother attempting to find a clerk to ask how much it is.  BUT - my Mom is a rock star, and she picked that bench right up and walked straight to the front counter to get the scoop.  She came back and said it's $1.99 - but EVERYTHING is 1/2 price all weekend.  So, that's right people, this baby was ONE DOLLAR!

Well, as soon as we got back to her house...silly me starting tearing it apart!  Darn it!  I always FORGET those important BEFORE pictures.  So, I sort of slapped the frame and one of the legs back on it and snapped a quick shot to try to convey how UGLY it was before:

And it smelled BAD.  Dingy, yucky, gross.  Hideous tan vinyl-type slightly sticky cover with wooden legs.  But other than that it was in pretty good shape!  It had some weird feature where you could prop up one side of it.  Sorry, but I thought it was dumb...and that my kids would probably just mess with it and end up breaking it.  So we redid it to just be a stationary bench.

My Mom may or may not be a bit of a fabric HOARDER.  Which is GREAT for me because I got to dig through her stash to find some cute fabric to recover the stool!  And the best part is that it was FREE!  We were able to reuse everything on the bench - including the nails.  So with just a few staples from Mom's staple gun, and some spray paint I had left over from my other project "score," ......we were able to turn UGLY into this:

Isn't it adorable? can NOT find a cuter little foot stool for anywhere NEAR $1!!!! 

My daughter with her model request to take the pic with her eyes closed:
(One of these days I REALLY need to figure out how to flip pictures in this blogging program.  If any of you readers know how....PLEASE HELP!)

I have to give HUGE thanks to my mom for being the awesome, independent person that she is.  Everything from tracking down the price, to helping me recover it, and using her awesome fabric and staple gun.  I may have been able to do it without her - but it wouldn't have turned out NEAR as nice.  THANKS MOM!

Isn't it just so cute??!!

Oh, and in case you are wondering WHY I needed a new footstool....this is what my current one looked like after my son took some aggression out with a pocket knife:

He's never done anything like that before.  Not even in his "terrible twos!"  I don't know what he was thinking.  My husband said "it's a boy thing."  WHATEVER.  I think I'll hang onto this and recover it too.  Check out how easy it looks from the bottom....just six small screws:

So - I might have to give this one a try solo.

BUT...being the awesome Mom she is and knowing that I'm not nearly as confident or proficient enough in my sewing skills....yet....she is making the seat pad for my other "score."  She's going to bring it this coming Sunday when she comes up for K-bug's birthday I'm hoping to post that big reveal Sunday evening!  :)

So....what do YOU think about THIS little project?  I'd LOVE to hear from you!  :)

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