Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make It NEW

I already shared this photo on facebook:

But let me tell you the whole story on how that came about.  I've seen a lot of really pretty creations out there in the "blogosphere" ...as they call it...  I really like the combonations of the different styles of necklaes in to one.  And, as many of you probably already now....I like to use/re-use things to make "other" things (hence the necklaces made out of dominos, rings made out of zippers, etc...).  SO....I've definitely been on the hunt lately for "things" that I can REUSE and make something NEW out of them. 

Randon Background Info:  Growing up here in Concordia, there was a woman and her mother that lived together right next door to us.  I didn't know them all that well at the time, but I got to know the daughter better through one of my jobs after college.  I then kept in touch with her some throughout the years because she lived across the street from my children's daycare provider.  Sadly, the woman passed away not long ago.  She liked to "collect" things, and one of the things that she collected was costume jewelry.  My daycare provider was also the executor of this woman's estate, so when she passed away - she allowed me to choose some pieces from her collection, and in return I made a donation to her estate.  I think she would have liked that I was able to use the pieces to create new things.

This is how the set pictured above (one of her pieces) started out (sort of):

It's not a great picture of the piece - because silly me....I tend to rip right into things without giving much thought to taking a "before" picture.  And, yes, the tag was still on it.  It was a three strand necklace with tiny, clear plastic bead spacers.  I knew that I definitely wanted to make a necklace like this:

and I was also DYING to try to make a three-strand bracelet because I think they are SO cute with a flower pin attached to them.  Here's a pic of the bracelet (sorry, no flower pin available):

I made the set while at the Glamour and Glitz for Gals craft show in Clay Center, KS.  I like Clay Center.  It's a cute town.  My parents and my step-brother and his family live there.  They have a nice down-town, and cute stores.  This craft show, however, was a total BUST.  AWESOME vendors, don't get me wrong....but no one CAME.  Kind of defeated the purpose.  I got to shop a little tho, and meet some GREAT people/vendors that I'll be inviting to MY next craft show!  :)  SOOO.......I was BORED.  Which is why I tore apart the necklace and made those other two pieces.  Well, in case you haven't noticed....I like RINGS.  So I had to make this little beauty to go along with the set:

My Dad and Step-Mom watched my kiddos while at the craft fair, and the next day was Mother's Day, and two days after that was her birthday.  So....I gave her an awesome Satin Hands set from Mary Kay for Mother's Day (yep, I turned into a Mary Kay lady all of a sudden).  AND, I asked her to pick out a set from my jewelry collection for her birthday.  She had already seen most of it...including a few new pieces that I had made at her house the night before.  Here is one of them:

***Maybe some day I'll learn how to flip pictures up-right on this stinkin Blog!  Ugh!!!

Anway, when I showed her the new set that I'd made at the craft fair....she really liked it.  So, Happy Birthday!  :)  I was really excited.  It's pretty cool to be able to give nice gifts now that I've been exploring this wonderful world of CREATING. 

I'm pretty sure my favorites will always be new things that I create out of old things.  I started working on my "score" tonight (finally).  I've primed it, and started painting it...but then I ran out of my new favorite spray paint.  I would tell you the color, but that would RUIN the REVEAL!  LOL  Happy Crafting!  :)

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