Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've seen (and drooled over) a LOT of other brave bloggers out there that have been inspired by designer jewelry and fashions....and instead of paying those pricey prices....have gritted their teeth and made their own!  Ok, I don't know if there was actual teeth gritting on their part - but I do sometimes find myself CLENCHING my teeth as I work hard to get a design just right (you know, how I've pictured it in my HEAD).

So, that's what I've been up to lately (in between filling orders...THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who have ordered items from me....I LOVE making them for you....LOVE IT!).....Anyway....I've been making "Knock-offs"!!!  Or at least, I guess that's what you call it.  I've been seeing other awesome stuff out there, and making similarly designed items for a super small FRACTION of the price. 

I'm not an overly fashionable person....but I've recently come to believe that it's not because I don't WANT to be fashionable....oh no, it has MUCH more to do with the fact that I don't want to SPEND so much of my hard earned money on such high priced "fashion!"  I mean, I have kids to feed, clothe, spoil, etc....

Instead of going crazy with online shopping - I go crazy with MAKING.  Here are some of the latest:
My very first "knock off" - inspired by a Kate Spade necklace.  It took me almost two hours to make b/c I kept having to re-do the stems until I figured out the best way to make them straight!  :)

Another Kate Spade "knock-off"  The concept and supplies I wanted to use were floating around in my head for a while...finally figured out how to make it work this evening!  :)

Close-Up of the Flowery Fun!  :)

I think I first saw these birds nest necklaces on one of the blogs I follow (I REALLY need to get better about keeping track and then providing a link back to those blogs....
uhmmm.....as soon as I figure out how to "do a link.").

I just love them....they're the cutest little things.  I feel the need to make one in every possible color of glass pearl.  I'll try to control myself....

This is a J-Crew "knock-off".  Another blogger did it, and had a tutorial, and I made my own from that. 
I REALLY like this one too.  :)

Close up of the Sparkle....These can be done in any color assortment. 
What should I do next??!!

This is actually one of MY designs.  I like things pretty simple, and balanced, but also a little different.

And, here's one of the latest little interchangeable jewelry projects I've been working on:
I've made them in a variety of beaded designs...with LOTS of ribbon colors to choose from to swap out with!  For more pics of the designs available...check out this facebook album:

Sooooo.....you wanna know what ELSE I've been up to? 

I'm starting an ETSY shop!!!  SQUEALLLL!  I'm SO excited!!! BUT.....I didn't realize how LONG it would take me to upload all my pics of all my products!  It's been a little overwhelming.  I'm trying to organize how I can make it a little less daunting.  Maybe I'll do one product per week and have it be like a "feature album"....that way I could let everyone know on facebook and through my blog which items would be coming up for sale each week??  idk....I'll get it figured out. 

WHAT?  You don't know what ETSY is?  That's okay, I didn't either until I started dabbling in this wonderfully fun world of crafting and blogging.  The website is http://www.etsy.com/ and they sell ONLY hand-made items, vintage items, and supplies for making things.  It's like the crafters EBAY!  :)  There are SO many neat things on that site.  Check it out!  :)

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