Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Things First

I talk (whine) a lot about all the things I want to do.....crafting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, furniture re-newing, etc....  The reality is....First Things First means FAMILY first.  Sure there are times when I tune my kids out a little when they're begging for their millionth snack of the day while I'm trying to finish up something on the computer - but when they need something, that comes first....ahead of any new projects, or orders to fill, or house to clean.

Last night was a pretty good example of that.  I consider my close friends an extension of my family, and when one of them is going through a hard time - they definitely go on my First Things First list (yes, I often make to-do lists, daily).  So, part of yesterday's to-do list for the evening was making supper for not only my family, but also my friend's.  It was easy.  I just made two lasagnas, split the huge loaf of garlic bread, and brought over a bag of salad to go with it.  I delivered it, along with some hugs, and came back home to feed my family.  It was an easy thing for me to do to help, and I think it meant a lot to them.  I've been praying for them a lot lately....if you feel so inclined - please add a precious little girl with a brain tumor to your prayer list as well.

Next on the to-do list - end of year teacher gifts!  This was Tuesday evening....Wednesday was Keely's last day and Thursday was Braxton's....can you say "Last Minute!?!"  I had several things in mind, it was just a matter of getting it all put together and DONE.  Here is a pic of some of the things I had to work with in my stash:

I used my Cricut to cut out CCDC (my daughter's preschool), and Mrs. Thompson (my son's 1st grade teacher) out of some vinyl, and applied them to glass jars that I'd been saving for just such a project (purchased at a thrift store in Crete, NE).  I then used my Creative Memories circle cutting system to cut out circles from my scrapbooking paper to decorate the lids.  I used some random stamps and letters with brown ink to decorate the cirlces for the lids.

Next, it was time to fill the jars with goodies.  I didn't have a lot of sweet treats or goodies on hand, so I gazed around my craft room at some previous projects that I had made.  I had personalized hand-sanitizers, purchased from the dollar tree, removed stickers, printed out custom phrase collage with laser jet on transparency sheets, cut to size and shoved in the sanitizer with the pump!  I also had a few of the card sets that I'd sewn (my only sewing machine project - to date).  Pencils I'd purchased at the Dollar Tree (yes, I LOVE that store)....wrapped with tulle and fabric and attached a hand-written card made with scrapbook paper.  I made some quick custom magnets with glass pebbles, scrapbook paper, circle magnets and my trusty glue gun.  And....I think that was about it.  Oh, I also added a zipper ring for Braxton's teacher and some chocolate because he said that chocolate is her favorite!  :)  Here is how they turned out:

Throw in baths, baked a cake, a quick and very much needed walk with a new neighbor friend, putting kids to bed, and spending time with hubby.  And THAT is how I put First Things First. 

THIS evening, however....after feeding kids, getting B to & from ball practice, baths, laundry, dishes, hopefully getting some cookies baked, and putting kids to bed....I am SO TOTALLY going to make some jewelry!!!  Uhm....If I'm still awake....
That's me with a bunch of costume jewelry from Lynn's Daycare (the kids dressed me up in it)....and I'm going to repurpose some of it!  :)


  1. Ya gotta love her. I know, she's my oldest daughter, BUT - she's always there for anyone and everyone and puts everyone ahead of herself. Hmmm, wonder where she gets THAT? ~It's a Rogge thing~ :)
    I love you Becky!