Monday, May 23, 2011

The Coupon Experience

Do you "coupon?"  I guess it's a verb now...?  Or are you a "couponer?"  It's not like I've NEVER used a coupon before....sure I have.  Hellloooo....Kohl's discounts, Bath & Body Works, etc...  But I'm talking about browsing magazines and newspapers to clip out coupons and haul them to the store and actually REMEMBER to get the stuff you have coupons for and hand them over to the cashier.

Well, I tried that this evening.  Actually....I clipped the coupons last week out of some magazines...and finally got around to using them this evening.  I tried really hard to only clip out the ones that me and my family would ACTUALLY use...and not a bunch of coupons for new things to TRY...JUST because I had a coupon.  I think it would be easy to end up spending MORE money from buying extra unnecessary things - JUST because I had a coupon.

So....I'm not gonna lie.  It was a little awkward.  Do you hand them the coupons as you go along and they scan your items?  Or do you hand them all over at the end?  One of the coupons wasn't I wasn't sure if they were going to honor it.  After fooling around with it for several minutes - they finally just entered it manually.  It was hard not to feel a little embarrassed on my first time out.  What if a long line had formed behind me and people started looking at me funny like "Geez....crazy coupon lady holding up the line!"?

Overall, it was worth the weirdness - because I ended up saving about $6.50....and with my total bill only being $19ish...that's a pretty good percentage for my first go of it!  :)  That's right people - you haven't seen the last of the new coupon lady!  I need to do better about searching out the coupons for the specific items that I KNOW we will need, or use weekly...that way I can be more prepared for my weekly grocery shopping trips and save even more $$$$!! 

Disclaimer - this coupon shopping trip was done WITHOUT children.  I assure you that if I would have had my children with me, there would have been about a 92% chance of me FORGETTING to HAND the Cashier the COUPONS!  I will probably have to work hard to improve this average - because my children are in fact usually WITH me when I have to get groceries.  I'll keep you posted on how THAT goes. 

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