Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things to Come...

WOW....who has a busy Spring?!!!  We've got a LOT of great things going on this Spring in our Family, at our Shop, Organizations I volunteer with, and with Make It Yours!  Sometimes it helps me to just spit it all out....once I do, I feel less overwhelmed.  So, here goes...

Family Stuff - Ill go ahead and quickly mention the daily/weekly/something going on every single night of the week b/c that's just how it is when you have kids/a business/volunteer/etc...  Baseball will be starting soon for B, and I'm sure we'll have at least one dance camp for K-bug this summer.  65th Wedding Anniversary Dinner for my Amazing Grandparents this Saturday, followed by an Easter celebration (cue - WAY to many Easter eggs to hunt for only a few small children!).  And then there's baby showers, weddings, graduations, etc....  Sound like your house?

Budreau Muffler - Holy Cow!  It's only Tuesday and we're already booked out for the rest of the week.  Next Monday is looking over 1/2 booked as well.  Our alignment machine had finally had enough - so instead of putting more money in to fixing an out-of-date machine...we bit the big one and bought a new one.  It's AWESOME!  We're able to do better, quicker "checks" for less money - AND with a color print out!  How cool is that?!!  We are VERY Thankful to God, our amazing employees, and wondeful customers being so AWESOME!

I volunteer - Yep, as if I didn't have enough going on in my day-to-day life...  But I just can't stop!  I LOVE volunteering, especially with really great programs/events.  This week I'll be spending a few evenings at the Armory decorating for the CCCC Scholarship Fundraising Dinner & Unique Auction.  The theme this year is "We Are Kansas!"  Celebrating 150 years.  Then it will be time to move on to helping plan the BBBS Annual Golf Tournament!  It's on June 11th.

Make It Yours - Ah, yes....the job I WISH I had full-time (no offense to my shop and my hubby).  But you know the feeling you get when you're doing something you love, and you don't even realize how much time has passed, and you wish you could do it SO MUCH MORE.  Yep, that's how I feel about the things I do/stuff I create for my little "Make It Yours" facebook page.  I'm going to have a booth at the Glitz & Glamour for Gals event in Clay Center on May 7th.  You should come and see me!  :)  After that, I'm hoping to maybe start a shop on Etsy to sell some of my items more easily online.

And, as promised in my last blog....here is a picture of the "score" I got at the Trading Post:
Isn't it cool?!!  It was only $8!  I'm going to clean it up, paint it (probably black), add a seat cushion to the top, and baskets to the shelves for an AMAZING storage bench for my kids when they come in from the garage!!!  It's JUST what I was looking for!  :)  Now, to find the time to get it ALL done!!!!  :)

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