Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Gift Idea

I made each of my children's grandparents a gift for Christmas this year.  I SO wanted to share it with the world at the time, but didn't want to spoil the suprise for them.  I hadn't thought to post anything about until today, when I handed over a similar gift to the Cloud County Community College Foundation Office to auction off at their annual fundraiser. 

For the grandparents' gifts, I took individual pictures of each of their grandkids holding a single letter.  The letters spelled out GRANDKIDS.  I screwed glass clip frames on a board that I had the Homestore cut down to size, added my pictures, and Ta-Da!  An adorable, personalized gift.
For the CCCC Scholarship Auction - I did something a little different.  The theme this year is "We Are Kansas" - celebrating 150 years.  So...I took my letters out to my in-laws farm and snapped the COOLEST Kansas pictures.  I got shots of everything from old windmills to new wind turbines, tractor tires, hay bales, cattle shoots, limestone rock walls, barns, and old farm equipment!  It was fun, and the pics turned out great.  Here are a couple:

Ggrrrr....Too bad I can't get them to flip upright!  Geesh

Anyway, the final product looks REALLY cool in person, but, unfortunately...the picture just really doesn't do it justice.  I hope you get the idea:

I love how the pictures turned out.  My in-laws really like them too...b/c they are all either on their land, or land that has been in their family.  Personally, I prefer the ones with pics of families, especially children, holding the letters.  I think one with MOM, DAD, or the family's last name (KINDEL), would be really cool.  I love making these, and I'm only charging a $15 sitting fee, on location of your choice, plus $4 per letter (all inclusive, with your choice of Sepia, Black & White, or color photos; and your choice of frame color).  So, if you're needing a personalized gift idea for Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding, Father's Day, Birthdays, or just want to plan ahead for Christmas....give me a shout!  :)

I'm anxious to see how well this one goes over at the CCCC scholarship auction.  We'll find out this Saturday!  I spent several hours helping decorate for the event this evening (and earlier this week).  For now, I think I'm actually going to try to make it to my bed by 10pm.  I've got 5 minutes....

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