Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loooooong Day

Today was a Looooong Day.  A lot of times I would have ended up calling such a long day a "stressful" day or a "crappy" day, etc.  Parts of it were stressful, but not necessarily all that crappy, SUPER busy for sure.  I'm generally pretty spoiled at our shop because I have the BEST office coworker EVER.  I'm spoiled with her reliability, loyalty, honesty, efficiency, and skills (just to name a few).  She spoils me with PEACE of MIND.  That's VERY valuable.  I know that I can sneak away for a break from the office and she will be there to fun things smoothly, perfectly, wonderfully....LOVE her. 

So, as you may have guessed....she had the day OFF.  She deserved it.  I wish it wasn't because her daughter was ill - but she definitely deserved a's been a LONG WEEK.  Busy, which is good (never supposed to complain about being "busy" in the automotive industry).  I hope her daughter is feeling better....and I hope she comes back tomorrow.  I miss her.

Here's why my day wasn't "crappy."  My husband.  Life partner, co-owner, father of my children, most of the other days this week I wanted to smack him.  He must have sensed my stress at trying to keep up with everything on this very busy day.  He was gone for most of the morning, on the tow truck of course.  He thought of me.  He suprised me with lunch from out of town.  He was pretty stressed today too - he gets that way when he doesn't think we'll get everything done that we have scheduled, or when he doesn't think HE will get everything done that he has planned for the day (usually involving Hustler lawn mowers).  My husband spoke NICELY to me today.  We made a good TEAM today.  That doesn't always happen.  I'm very thankful for today.

I ended up having to work late, so he had to go pick up our daughter by the daycare deadline.  It took him a while to get back.....but when he got there, he and our daughter had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Purple, my favorite color.  After work, MY husband took BOTH of our children to the golf course.....BOTH of them!  I got to go grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF!  It was a little piece of heaven, a nice break from the hectic day.  I forgot my list, but didn't even care.  It helped make me happy, after such a long day.  And there are no limits to what a HAPPY Momma can do for her family.  I came home, grilled chicken, made rice, crescent rolls, and even rice krispy treats!  We all sat down at the dinner table TOGETHER and everything!  I was A-MA-ZING.  No Tow calls or Anything!!! 

Then I made these...

I think they turned out cute.  They're sort of healthy, not sugary like most of the other Easter treats the kdis will probably be getting.  It's just Whale crackers in a sandwich baggy tied in the top corner with fabric scraps.  Super Easy!  :)

So, that's how come my Looooong Day wasn't a BAAADD day....because my family LOVES me, and I LOVE them!  :)

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