Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Came, It Went, It's Done.....or is it??

I really wish I had time to blog more.  I know it's a total pipe dream to think that I could ever keep up with a daily blog....but man I really thought I could keep up with weekly.  So far...not so much...  It's not that I don't have a BAZILLION things that I want to type out on my little lap-top in hopes that it will calm them down from swirling around in my brain at all hours of the day and night.  It's definitely a time thing, and an amount of energy thing, and a "kinda has to be done when I don't have a headache" thing.  Oh well, I'll just keep plugging along as I am able.

SPRING FLING CRAFT BAZAAR!  That's what is was....the first "Annual."  Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for.  Crafting has helped me get through what would have been a pretty rough winter, and it only seemed logical to end the winter and welcome Spring with a craft bazaar to sell some of the fun and super cute things that me and my friends have been making.  So, I organized this little craft fair that we held yesterday.  It went pretty well, and we had a pretty steady flow of people come out to see us.  There are some things I'll do differently next year, and hopefully it will be bigger and better!

So....what now?  I'll admit I was kind of brain fried by the end of yesterday.  I had worked hard on my items to try to get a good variety and quantity ready for the fair.  I stressed over making sure everything was taken care of.  And now it's over.  But, I still have quite a bit of stuff left.  Not to mention all of the OTHER ideas that are still running through my brain on a daily basis. what do I do?

(you'll be seeing her fab stuff featured soon!)

Rebekah (will be featured in a future blog post)
After the craft fair, my mom and I went out to eat (cuz we were STARVING).  Well, then we just happened to walk across the street to the Trading Post (antiques and junk).  A lot of the stuff in there is priced super high (antiques, I understand....other random stuff..???).  BUT, every once in a while...if you dig deep can totally SCORE.  And THAT, my what is coming up in the next blog!  :)

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