Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loooooong Day

Today was a Looooong Day.  A lot of times I would have ended up calling such a long day a "stressful" day or a "crappy" day, etc.  Parts of it were stressful, but not necessarily all that crappy, SUPER busy for sure.  I'm generally pretty spoiled at our shop because I have the BEST office coworker EVER.  I'm spoiled with her reliability, loyalty, honesty, efficiency, and skills (just to name a few).  She spoils me with PEACE of MIND.  That's VERY valuable.  I know that I can sneak away for a break from the office and she will be there to fun things smoothly, perfectly, wonderfully....LOVE her. 

So, as you may have guessed....she had the day OFF.  She deserved it.  I wish it wasn't because her daughter was ill - but she definitely deserved a's been a LONG WEEK.  Busy, which is good (never supposed to complain about being "busy" in the automotive industry).  I hope her daughter is feeling better....and I hope she comes back tomorrow.  I miss her.

Here's why my day wasn't "crappy."  My husband.  Life partner, co-owner, father of my children, most of the other days this week I wanted to smack him.  He must have sensed my stress at trying to keep up with everything on this very busy day.  He was gone for most of the morning, on the tow truck of course.  He thought of me.  He suprised me with lunch from out of town.  He was pretty stressed today too - he gets that way when he doesn't think we'll get everything done that we have scheduled, or when he doesn't think HE will get everything done that he has planned for the day (usually involving Hustler lawn mowers).  My husband spoke NICELY to me today.  We made a good TEAM today.  That doesn't always happen.  I'm very thankful for today.

I ended up having to work late, so he had to go pick up our daughter by the daycare deadline.  It took him a while to get back.....but when he got there, he and our daughter had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Purple, my favorite color.  After work, MY husband took BOTH of our children to the golf course.....BOTH of them!  I got to go grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF!  It was a little piece of heaven, a nice break from the hectic day.  I forgot my list, but didn't even care.  It helped make me happy, after such a long day.  And there are no limits to what a HAPPY Momma can do for her family.  I came home, grilled chicken, made rice, crescent rolls, and even rice krispy treats!  We all sat down at the dinner table TOGETHER and everything!  I was A-MA-ZING.  No Tow calls or Anything!!! 

Then I made these...

I think they turned out cute.  They're sort of healthy, not sugary like most of the other Easter treats the kdis will probably be getting.  It's just Whale crackers in a sandwich baggy tied in the top corner with fabric scraps.  Super Easy!  :)

So, that's how come my Looooong Day wasn't a BAAADD day....because my family LOVES me, and I LOVE them!  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Gift Idea

I made each of my children's grandparents a gift for Christmas this year.  I SO wanted to share it with the world at the time, but didn't want to spoil the suprise for them.  I hadn't thought to post anything about until today, when I handed over a similar gift to the Cloud County Community College Foundation Office to auction off at their annual fundraiser. 

For the grandparents' gifts, I took individual pictures of each of their grandkids holding a single letter.  The letters spelled out GRANDKIDS.  I screwed glass clip frames on a board that I had the Homestore cut down to size, added my pictures, and Ta-Da!  An adorable, personalized gift.
For the CCCC Scholarship Auction - I did something a little different.  The theme this year is "We Are Kansas" - celebrating 150 years.  So...I took my letters out to my in-laws farm and snapped the COOLEST Kansas pictures.  I got shots of everything from old windmills to new wind turbines, tractor tires, hay bales, cattle shoots, limestone rock walls, barns, and old farm equipment!  It was fun, and the pics turned out great.  Here are a couple:

Ggrrrr....Too bad I can't get them to flip upright!  Geesh

Anyway, the final product looks REALLY cool in person, but, unfortunately...the picture just really doesn't do it justice.  I hope you get the idea:

I love how the pictures turned out.  My in-laws really like them too...b/c they are all either on their land, or land that has been in their family.  Personally, I prefer the ones with pics of families, especially children, holding the letters.  I think one with MOM, DAD, or the family's last name (KINDEL), would be really cool.  I love making these, and I'm only charging a $15 sitting fee, on location of your choice, plus $4 per letter (all inclusive, with your choice of Sepia, Black & White, or color photos; and your choice of frame color).  So, if you're needing a personalized gift idea for Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding, Father's Day, Birthdays, or just want to plan ahead for Christmas....give me a shout!  :)

I'm anxious to see how well this one goes over at the CCCC scholarship auction.  We'll find out this Saturday!  I spent several hours helping decorate for the event this evening (and earlier this week).  For now, I think I'm actually going to try to make it to my bed by 10pm.  I've got 5 minutes....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things to Come...

WOW....who has a busy Spring?!!!  We've got a LOT of great things going on this Spring in our Family, at our Shop, Organizations I volunteer with, and with Make It Yours!  Sometimes it helps me to just spit it all out....once I do, I feel less overwhelmed.  So, here goes...

Family Stuff - Ill go ahead and quickly mention the daily/weekly/something going on every single night of the week b/c that's just how it is when you have kids/a business/volunteer/etc...  Baseball will be starting soon for B, and I'm sure we'll have at least one dance camp for K-bug this summer.  65th Wedding Anniversary Dinner for my Amazing Grandparents this Saturday, followed by an Easter celebration (cue - WAY to many Easter eggs to hunt for only a few small children!).  And then there's baby showers, weddings, graduations, etc....  Sound like your house?

Budreau Muffler - Holy Cow!  It's only Tuesday and we're already booked out for the rest of the week.  Next Monday is looking over 1/2 booked as well.  Our alignment machine had finally had enough - so instead of putting more money in to fixing an out-of-date machine...we bit the big one and bought a new one.  It's AWESOME!  We're able to do better, quicker "checks" for less money - AND with a color print out!  How cool is that?!!  We are VERY Thankful to God, our amazing employees, and wondeful customers being so AWESOME!

I volunteer - Yep, as if I didn't have enough going on in my day-to-day life...  But I just can't stop!  I LOVE volunteering, especially with really great programs/events.  This week I'll be spending a few evenings at the Armory decorating for the CCCC Scholarship Fundraising Dinner & Unique Auction.  The theme this year is "We Are Kansas!"  Celebrating 150 years.  Then it will be time to move on to helping plan the BBBS Annual Golf Tournament!  It's on June 11th.

Make It Yours - Ah, yes....the job I WISH I had full-time (no offense to my shop and my hubby).  But you know the feeling you get when you're doing something you love, and you don't even realize how much time has passed, and you wish you could do it SO MUCH MORE.  Yep, that's how I feel about the things I do/stuff I create for my little "Make It Yours" facebook page.  I'm going to have a booth at the Glitz & Glamour for Gals event in Clay Center on May 7th.  You should come and see me!  :)  After that, I'm hoping to maybe start a shop on Etsy to sell some of my items more easily online.

And, as promised in my last is a picture of the "score" I got at the Trading Post:
Isn't it cool?!!  It was only $8!  I'm going to clean it up, paint it (probably black), add a seat cushion to the top, and baskets to the shelves for an AMAZING storage bench for my kids when they come in from the garage!!!  It's JUST what I was looking for!  :)  Now, to find the time to get it ALL done!!!!  :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Came, It Went, It's Done.....or is it??

I really wish I had time to blog more.  I know it's a total pipe dream to think that I could ever keep up with a daily blog....but man I really thought I could keep up with weekly.  So far...not so much...  It's not that I don't have a BAZILLION things that I want to type out on my little lap-top in hopes that it will calm them down from swirling around in my brain at all hours of the day and night.  It's definitely a time thing, and an amount of energy thing, and a "kinda has to be done when I don't have a headache" thing.  Oh well, I'll just keep plugging along as I am able.

SPRING FLING CRAFT BAZAAR!  That's what is was....the first "Annual."  Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for.  Crafting has helped me get through what would have been a pretty rough winter, and it only seemed logical to end the winter and welcome Spring with a craft bazaar to sell some of the fun and super cute things that me and my friends have been making.  So, I organized this little craft fair that we held yesterday.  It went pretty well, and we had a pretty steady flow of people come out to see us.  There are some things I'll do differently next year, and hopefully it will be bigger and better!

So....what now?  I'll admit I was kind of brain fried by the end of yesterday.  I had worked hard on my items to try to get a good variety and quantity ready for the fair.  I stressed over making sure everything was taken care of.  And now it's over.  But, I still have quite a bit of stuff left.  Not to mention all of the OTHER ideas that are still running through my brain on a daily basis. what do I do?

(you'll be seeing her fab stuff featured soon!)

Rebekah (will be featured in a future blog post)
After the craft fair, my mom and I went out to eat (cuz we were STARVING).  Well, then we just happened to walk across the street to the Trading Post (antiques and junk).  A lot of the stuff in there is priced super high (antiques, I understand....other random stuff..???).  BUT, every once in a while...if you dig deep can totally SCORE.  And THAT, my what is coming up in the next blog!  :)