Sunday, March 27, 2011


There is something I have always found quite intimidating.  I've never really had a desire to use it, or learn how to use it, or have anything to DO with it.  I always had my mom, my step-mom, my mother-in-law....anyone but me.  Well, this fall I apparently had a change of heart.  I asked for it for Christmas, and I got it.  It's been sitting quietly on my desk ever since.  Until tonight....
That's right.  I'm scared of my sewing machine.  It just goes so FAST!  My Aunt Jeanie informed me that I'm the one that controls the speed....but I swear this thing has a mind of it's own and goes from nothing to 90 in 1/2 a second!  ....or maybe my foot is nervous too?? 

I've been wanting to try it out.  There are a lot of things I'd like to try.  I decided to start with something simple.  So simple, it's not even fabric!  My first sewing with PAPER.  I searched through my trusty scrapbook paper, cut out some cute designs with a machine that my mom, step-mom, and mother-in-law probably ARE intimindated by:

Gotta love the Cricut Expression
Once I got everything cut out that I wanted to use.  I made these:

Aren't they the cutest little cards you've ever seen?  They combine my love of scrapbooking, with my new found desire to sew!  Now, to be brutally's been a rough evening.  Half way through my first card, the thread broke.  I thought that was IT.  Houston, we have a problem.  MAY-DAY! MAY-DAY!  ....Mommy....HELP!  But, after talking myself out of getting one of my Mom's out of bed, I dug out the instruction manual (because there's no way I remember how my mom showed me to do it).  It took a lot of staring, confusion, and profanity in my head.....but I got it!  And, my thread ended up breaking on about every 3rd card I made this evening....which caused more unheard profanity.  BUT, I'm pretty darn good at re-threading my sewing machine now.  Here are the other two I made:

I'm really happy with how they turned out.  I'm also grateful that I'm starting to conquer my fear....of the scarey, intimidating, sewing machine....

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