Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plan of Attack!

Haha...don't violence here.  It's been a busy week with filling orders, tromping through the snow, and trying to get my house cleaned up and everything packed for a 3-DAY WEEKEND of SCRAPBOOKING!!!  I'm SO excited...I can't even tell you.  There will be 12 of us ladies (friends/family), staying together, at a wonderful place, to scrap/craft/quilt/laugh/eat/enjoy/relax the weekend away! 

Here's their website:

So, here's the plan: 
*  Since I don't have the time or space to ever get my scrapbooking out at home....I prefer to have long weekends like this so I can bring ALL my stuff (oh yes, it looks like I'm moving out when I load my car).
*  I'm FORCING myself to leave all my fun new crafty stuff and project ideas at HOME so that I'm not TEMPTED to work on those projects.  I mean BUSINESS people....I NEED to gets LOTS of scrapbooking done/caught up/etc...!
*  I'm planning to get EVERYTHING finished up/organized/packed/LOADED.....TONIGHT!  That's right, I want it all done ahead of time.  Keely has her debut Jr. Cheer performance during wrestling on Thursday evening (which we are all SUPER excited for)....and then we're GONE!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'll report back next week with everything I was able to accomplish....and hopefully have a new project to share!  :)

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