Monday, February 21, 2011

My Kind of Project

I had a WONDERFUL time at Maple Memories with 12 AMAZING Ladies.  I didn't want to leave!  But, when I did get back home and settled back in....I had lots of orders to fill and new crafting to do! 

I've started selling my Domino Necklaces at "Leaving Signs Behind" in Clay Center, KS.  I'll soon have my Zipper Rings available at One-80 Salon in Concordia, KS, AND I'm organizing a Spring Fling Craft Bazaar to be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 9am - 2pm at the Catholic RE Center Basement in Concordia, KS.  So....I've been busy....and will BE busy from now until then!  :)

I've been REALLY wanting to make a new style of necklace...and I was FINALLY able to do it...
Oh, and of course I had to make a matching ring.  The cool thing is....can you believe I made it out of this:

HA!  James said he didn't want this old stained torn sweatshirt anymore....SO, I used the back of it to make this super sweet necklace and ring!!  Braxton found me in my craft room cutting up the sweatshirt and he said "MOM!  Why are you cutting your clothes!!??"  He's really big into "re-using" things lately (they must be learning about that in school right now), so once I told him that I was re-using Dad's old sweatshirt that he didn't want anymore and making a necklace out of it - he thought that was really neat.  James was pretty impressed too - that his crappy old sweatshirt could be made into something so nice....of course he thinks I should split any profit with him!  HA!  Let's take another look...
Ah....I just LOVE these kinds of projects when I can take something from everyday life and turn it into something completely different and BETTER!  :)  Happy Crafting!  :)  Oh, and be sure to come to our Craft Fair!!! :)

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