Tuesday, November 9, 2010

By Luck or By Choice

Some people seem to have such good "luck."  Or is it just that they make good choices, so more good things seem to happen to them?  The same can be said for "bad luck."  Do people that find themselves or their lives a complete mess really have that bad of "luck" - or have they just made a lot of bad choices that have led them to where they are today? 

I believe in luck.  I believe that some people are "luckier" than others.  They get their name drawn for prizes more often, etc...  I also strongly believe in an individual's power to make good OR bad choices - which, in turn, can lead to good OR bad fortune. 

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, was it because of bad luck?  Or was it because you chose not to get your oil changed, or have that check engine light diagnosed?  If you can't seem to finish a project, or your schooling, or get a promotion at work - is it because other people are "luckier" than you?  Or is it because you have made the conscious decision NOT to work on what needs to be done in order for you to meet your goal, or called in sick too many times, etc...  Don't get me wrong, I believe in "bad luck" too.  Sometimes you can do every possible thing in your power - but things still might not go the way you'd like.  Although, that might not actually be "bad luck."  That might be God closing a window so that a new door can open.

I believe that I have a "lucky" family.  We are very fortunate, and very blessed.  Surely that has a little bit to do with "luck."  But I also know the sacrifices that James and I have made, the hard (not always very fun) choices that we have made, and the things that we have given up - in order to be where we are today.  I don't credit "luck" for the nice home we live in, or the fairly nice (used) vehicles we drive, or the business that we own.  WE deserve credit for those things ourselves.  We worked really hard for those things.  We paid our bills instead of going shopping or going on vacations or buying newer/bigger/better.

All you can do, is your very best.  And if you do your very best, you will get the best possible outcome in all aspects of your life.  Work hard, so you can play hard.  You reap what you sow - so if you want a different outcome, start making some different choices.  You just might find your "luck" changing for the better.