Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conversation & Kind Words

It's amazing how a few kind words, or a nice conversation can really make your day.  These words can be spoken face-to-face, over the phone, or written in a note - or even on facebook!  It's been a good "release" and therapy for me to write my thoughts down in this blog.  It's also been very heart-warming to hear and read the comments that friends have made about my posts.

I'm sure we've all felt the pain that comes with harsh words, and even dished out a few ourselves.  But oh, the joy of giving and receiving kind words.  That warm, fuzzy feeling can be additive!  Children long for those "feel good" words of acknowledgement, approval, acceptance, encouragement and love.  Adults need all of those things too!  To have someone, seemingly out of the blue, tell me that I'm doing a good job as a mom - or with a project I've been working on - gives me a high that lasts for days.  To give someone a compliment, and watch how it brings a sparkle to their weary eyes - is so refreshing and good for the soul.

The anticipation of good conversation is always something to look forward to as well.  Planning a lunch with a friend, or even the next appointment with your favorite hair dresser, can be something to look forward to and brighten your day.  I'm a fairly shy person, and not always the first to speak to those I come across...whether I know them or not.  That is definitely something I'm working on, because I know how valuable those kind words and good conversation are to those who give and receive.  And isn't it lovely, that some of the most valuable things in life... are free!

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