Thursday, September 30, 2010

God Let Me Be a Super Hero!

I am sometimes only minimally aware of how my actions (whether good or bad) affect other people's days....especially when, to me, my actions may appear very small.  Who would have thought that bringing a Sonic Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke to a moderately stressed stay-at-home mom would truly "make her day?" 

Or getting bumped off a volleyball team, only to pick up the phone and start up my own volleyball team - would bring together old and new friends - and for my friend who also got "bumped" and was having a bad day.... she called this morning thanking me and telling me I "made her day."

Really?  Such little things in the middle of a typical busy, run here and there, do this and that, take care of what I need to take care of day?  Wow, I guess God must have decided to make me the Super Hero for those two friends today.  And how easy it was, to be such a Hero. 

I think we are all Super Hero's to other people a lot more often than we even realize (MOMS especially!).  I am thankful that my friends expressed to me how my actions made them feel.  More often than not, I believe a lot of actions are not always recognized.  It feels good to do something nice for someone else - whether they notice or not....but how great it feels to know you've helped two people in one day!  I think I'll try it more often!

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